Smoke on the Water (a.k.a. “Smoke”) is a co-ed community team that was founded in 1998. We practice out of Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto’s west end on Thursday nights and participate in at least 4 regattas a year in the Toronto area. While we are competitive and continually strive to improve, the team has flourished for over 20 years by balancing this competitive spirit with a relaxed attitude. There is always room in the boat for new paddlers who are interested in learning about this great sport.

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Practice Site

Sunnyside Paddling Club, 1755 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, ON, M6S 5A3

Practice Times

Thursday evenings after 7:00 pm, April-September

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Join the team

If you are interested in learning more, reach out to Peter James (peter.james2@sympatico.ca) or Brock Johnston (brockjohnston@rogers.com)

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